Chery Builds Its Bell Labs Research on new energy and intelligent connected vehicles has entered a new racetrack

Recently, China (Anhui) New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industrial Chain Development Promotion Conference was held in Anhui Innovation Pavilion, China. Anhui New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute, the construction of which is headed by Chery Group and which will focus on revolutionary and original technical breakthroughs to brush up the gold-lettered signboard of "Technological Chery", was officially inaugurated.

New energy and intelligent connection racetrack–faster deployment

Chery Group, after many years of continuous hard work on traditional gas-fuelled vehicles, is now accelerating its deployment in such new racetracks as new energies, intelligent connections, shared transit platforms and ecologies. The newly inaugurated China (Anhui) New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Research Institute will, according to the plan, have a series of themed laboratories for original innovations to build Chery's Bell Labs (Bell Labs: one of the greatest laboratories in the 20th century of human history that has produced 15 Nobel Prize winners and more than 30,000 patents). During the promotional conference, Chery Group also exhibited OMODA5, its representative model, and other intelligent connection products, and released related technical achievements and procurement plans.

Chery Research Institute's power of original innovation–earlier breakthroughs

The research institute is based on China (Anhui) New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Technology Development and Public Service Platform, aims to build a new energy and intelligent connected vehicles platform, and is dedicated to making breakthroughs on a series of bottleneck technologies for new energy and intelligent connected vehicles. The research institute includes two main components: an automobile research institute and an industrial incubation center. The automobile research institute will assume such functions as platform development, powertrain development, Chery " STELLAR Laboratory", self-driving vehicle proving grounds, etc. The inauguration of the research institute is, for Chery, an important strategic step towards faster breakthroughs in original innovative ability.

Intelligentization of future businesses–overall transformation

As per Chery's development mentality on new energy and intelligent connection, as were exhibited in the promotional conference, the Group's future businesses will generally turn to new energy and intelligent connection development. Chery is dedicated to the creation of three major platforms: intelligent electric platform, high performance platform and hybrid electric platform; completion of battery, motor and electric control system deployment for earlier breakthroughs in deep integration of their battery technology, electric drive technology and powertrain domain software and in charging/ swaping battery technologies; realization of breakthroughs in and deployment of a series of core technologies in the field of intelligent connection such as electrical architecture, OTA technology, big data and interactive ecology for differentiated intelligent experiences.

Chery has so far established a research and development system that includes six major R&D centers in North America, Europe and Shanghai, has submitted over 23,000 patent applications, of which more than 14,000 are already granted, including nearly 1/3 of the innovation patents, ranking first for 8 consecutive years on China (Anhui) Top 100 invention patents rankings; and has undertaken over 170 programs including the National Key Technology R&D Program and National Basic Research Program.