Receiving High Praise from Basketball Team after Winning the Grand Prize, OMODA 5 Gains the Most Popularity

Recently, OMODA 5 has won the "Best Mid-sized Crossover Vehicle", according to the annual vehicle selection held by Autoshow TV of Mexico, and obtained the 2022 Auto Award by virtue of its outstanding strength, becoming the biggest winner at this ceremony. In the meanwhile, on the other side of the world, OMODA 5 has obtained the "Best Science and Technology SUV Award" issued by Qatar Automobile Association, which is one of the numerous awards OMODA 5 has won.

As OMODA's first star product built with the carrier of future technology, OMODA 5 is committed to meeting the needs of global young trendsetters, so as to cater to global "future" trend leading users by force of its cutting-edge design and dynamic appearance that win the favor of global trendsetters, immersive intelligent driving experience and intelligent technology, strong power and high quality to realize global five-star security.

With regards to those young people who advocate "appearance is power", OMODA 5 adopts the design concept of "Art in Motion" for the first time, so as to explore more expansion and balance between motion and stillness, providing young people with a more free and fashionable travel space independent of the real world. Therefore, the design inspiration of "light and shadow" for OMODA is generated. In addition to presenting a completely different dynamic beauty, OMODA 5 also interprets infinite possibilities, thus catering to the preferences of the young generation in the new era around the world, as well as demonstrating the product concept of "playing together" with global users.

What's more, OMODA 5 not only satisfies the young people's needs for fashion trends and personalized appreciation from the perspective of appearance, but also caters to the preferences of the young people with a dynamic image. OMODA 5 shows the extreme sports style internally and externally, whether it is designed in cross-border style brought by the aspect ratio that surpasses the Mercedes Benz GLE, or equipped with the suspended roof and the double-layer sports tail, or even carried with the 1.6TGDI engine and the 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission, which has won the title of "China Best Ten Engine" of the year, demonstrating the stunning and surging power performance.

Furthermore, OMODA 5 not only won numerous auto awards in various countries and regions, including Mexico and Qatar, but also won the favor of global trendsetters who love sports. Lately, OMODA has obtained highly praise from the members of Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Club, the Israeli basketball supremacy, which has won the European Champions 6 times and the "Treble Winners" 5 times. "This is a beautiful, comfortable and powerful vehicle," and "What I like most is that this vehicle is equipped with full voice control with a warm and comfortable riding experience", stated by the Club members.

In fact, OMODA is actively presenting its international brand image on the world stage. As OMODA 5 is gradually exploring more markets in the world, it is quite certain that this will be an important growth stage of OMODA in the international market, and will also carry the crucial mission of improving OMODA to a world-class automobile brand in the future.