Winning Social Responsibility Award Again in the "Dual Carbon" Initiate, Chery Holds High Two Banners of "Green Development" and "Public Welfare"

At the beginning of 2023, at the fourth Forum for Credit System Construction of Chinese Cities - ESG Practice and Development Theme Forum for Chinese Dual Carbon Goals, Chery Group has been awarded the title of "leading case of carbon peak and carbon neutralization" of "Xinhua Credit Jinlan Cup" by virtue of "Building a Green Industrial Chain and Drawing a Blueprint of 'Made in China'". This fully shows that Chery's "Dual Carbon" Initiate has once again been recognized, and has contributed to the demonstration practice plan for Chinese automobile enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities.

The picture shows the medal of winning case

Nowadays, when the world advocates "green development" to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality", as an automobile enterprise with multiple production processes and a long industrial chain, it needs to give priority to green development and low-carbon development. The case of "Building a Green Industrial Chain and Drawing a Blueprint of 'Made in China'" developed by Chery Group comprehensively demonstrates how to achieve the goal of green and low carbon in the whole life cycle and the whole industrial chain, thus facilitating Chery to realize the comprehensive improvement of social, environmental and economic benefits.

The picture shows the solar photovoltaic panel on the roof of Chery Factory

Furthermore, Chery Group has been practicing its social responsibility with practical actions, and has further carried out various public welfare and charitable initiatives around the world, such as environmental protection and donation for education. Specifically, in the past 2022, Chery delivered more than 30,000 bottles of drinking water to the storm stricken areas in the Philippines, so as to alleviate the water supply problems of hundreds of affected families; It also cooperated with Shop of Joys, the local Russian public welfare organization, to carry out the donation of used clothes in Mexico; In Africa, Chery, together with dealers in South Africa, delivered sanitation supplies and snacks to 80 children in Pretoria on "Nelson Mandela International Day"; In Middle East, Chery sponsored public riding activities to raise SAR 1,000,000 of reconstruction funds for the affected people in Pakistan.

Especially in every major disaster, Chery's responsibility and practical actions can be seen - whether it comes to the typhoon in the Philippines in 2022, the floods in Peru in 2017, the great earthquake in Ecuador in 2016 or the great earthquake in Chile in 2012, Chery has donated disaster relief funds as well as supplies to the affected areas at the first time to solve the urgent needs with their care and love to help the victims tide over their difficulties.

Moreover, the past 2022 witnessed that Chery Group has hit a new record in the history with the annual sales volume of 1,233,000 units. Notably, Chery also achieved a wonderful performance of 451,000 units with an ultra-high growth rate of 67.7% of its overseas exports, which not only set a breakthrough for the export of Chinese passenger vehicles, but also made it the No. 1 exporter of Chinese passenger vehicles for 20 consecutive years. What's more, Chery achieved a monthly export sales of more than 50,000 units in 4 months of 2022. What underlies all these remarkable sales performances is Chery's social responsibility and public welfare spirit, and what influences overseas users and facilitates overseas actual sales is Chery's endogenous spiritual power.

Looking forward, Chery will continue to actively practice social public welfare, fulfill the responsibility of "global corporate citizenship", seek the convergence point between enterprise and social development in terms of social employment, ecological environment protection and public welfare and charity, so as to achieve all-win harmony and common development with consumers, employees, partners and all stakeholders in society, and reflect Chery's global humanistic care while bringing excellent products and services to global users.