C-NCAP Five Star Safety Standards

Cage Body Design

Cage body design protect drivers and passengers safety for 360 degree.High-strength steel applied on vehicle above 60%,Super high-strength thermal-forming steel is applied in left and right A columns and B columns,anti-collion plate frontal doors,etc.The maximun effective yield strength of the steel reaches 1500Mpa;

High Intensity Rear Bumper

One-piece bumper planking with memory spring back function


2.5mm cold-roll steel sheets beam could guarantee non-deformation under 50km/h speed collision.

  • Lateral Side
  • Safety
  • 64km/h frontal 40% overlap deformable barrier impact test

  • 50km/h frontal 100% overlap rigid barrier impact test

  • 50km/h moving deformable barrier impact test

  • Pedestrian head impact protection

  • Test of vehicle going under a trunk

NVH Performance

G3 high-performance 1.6TGDI engine of Chery, which rolled off line in June this year, exceeds the NVH performance of JV brands TGDI engines, thus leading China automobile brands to a new level of “tranquility”.

Chery’s powerful R&D capacity is assured by its talent team and testing system. In 2002, Chery established NVH technical team and has the best and most advanced NVH laboratory in the industry, covering the entire NVH development process and all NVH performance tests.At present, the Chery 2.0 products, represented by ARRIZO5 and TIGGO7, are taking leading position in China in terms of NVH technologies and some indicators have surpassed those of JV brands while winning authoritative authentication.

Advanced Combustion Technologies

Fish-maw air inlet realizes highly efficient combustion

Traditional air inlet VS fish-maw air inlet

G3 high-performance engine of Chery rolled off line, whose major technical indicators match those of same-class world-luxury-brand engines, reaching a leading level in China automotive power technology field and revealing its perfect quality.

The high-performance engine developed by Chery has many advantages such as large torque, low fuel consumption, small emission and little noise, whose thermal efficiency reaches the astounding 37.5%.

The fish-maw air inlet, while ensuring the inlet air quantity, controls airflow direction, facilitates combustion system and makes sure the G3 engine of Chery has the top-level thermal efficiency of 37.5%. As one of the latest products based on Chery’s leading system, the G3 engine gathers many engine technologies accumulated by Chery over the past two decades, which uses dozens of latest power technologies in the world. The iHEC combustion system of Chery ensures the engine takes leading position in the world.

All-around Safety Protection

Integral Cage Body


Cyclic structure of car body: 60% of the car body is made of hi-strength steel, with Benteler ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel used in 6 key areas Excellent bending rigidity: the bending rigidity of car body reaches 21000Nm/°

Design in accordance with C-NCAP 5-star safety standard


Effectively improve impact-resistance for front impact and side impact, and protect passengers inside.


What is the strength of hot-formed steel plate? According to an experimental test, after being shot by Ruger 10/22, Type 64 pistol and QSZ-92, these firearms only gouged several marks on the hot-formed steel plate. The strength of the hot-formed steel sheet is sufficient to build super warships and nuclear submarines.

6D Longitudinal Member Fram-Type Construction


Several force paths in place to fully absorb and transfer the collision energy Materials of ultra-high-strength (extension strength of 980Mpa) used for the rear end Longitudinal member stimulates the starting position of human body, providing strong support for during a frontal collision of car body


Maximize the compartment space while greatly enhancing the driving safety


In the event of rear-end collision, if the car body is not well-designed, severe deformation and the safety of passengers will be threatened. With 6D longitudinal member of framework structure, TIGGO 7 is proved to be able to effectively protect passengers in a chain rear-end collision test