Chery Tiggo4 Pro Debuts in South Africa, Launching Global Strategic Layout of RHD Market

On November 24, South Africa time, Chery Automobile introduced Tiggo4 Pro, the first brand-new upgraded product of the Pro family, to South Africa. The release ceremony of the new vehicle was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, marking Chery's official entry to the South African market. The new Mrs. Universe Africa, a number of mainstream media organizations, well-known female fashion KOLs of and the first owners of Tiggo4 Pro were invited to the launch conference of the new vehicle.

Site of product launch

The first owner of Chery Tiggo4 Pro

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, delivered a speech. According to Mr. Zhang, this conference was the first product launch conference of Chery South Africa and the first launch conference of Chery’s right-hand drive (RHD) products in the world. Chery attaches great importance to the South African market and is glad to bring Chery's brand-new Pro series to South Africa. Later, Mr. Liu Yun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa, shared wonderful information about Chery Automobile's historical development, technical strength, product layout and so on, and gave a detailed introduction to Tiggo4 Pro launched this time.

Tiggo4 Pro is the first product of the Chery Pro family. It is also a global model created by Chery by integrating the latest design, power, intelligent technologies with the latest processes, and one of the important models carrying “Technological Chery” and “Quality Chery”. The most remarkable feature of Tiggo4 Pro is the integration of dynamic and stylish appearance, luxurious and comfortable interior, and smart configurations. The body styling of the new vehicle follows the traditional design concept of the family, and the unique combination of diamond grille, LED headlights and daytime running lights presents a more dynamic and fashionable attitude. 7-inch LCD instrument display, 10.25-inch floating central console panel, 8-inch air-conditioning touch screen and a series of technological configurations create a futuristic scene, bringing you to a journey of technology once you are seated. In addition, Tiggo4 Pro adopts yacht-styled cockpit and embracing line extension to provide users with the most comfortable driving experience.

Tiggo4 Pro, as one of the hit models of Chery Pro family, is in a leading position in the market segment of its kind in South Africa by virtue of its fashion style and hi-tech configurations, and has won high recognition from the local media. Ferdi De Vos, a senior media professional from TCB MEDIA, warmly welcomed Chery to South Africa, saying that the performance of Tiggo4 Pro products, especially the engines, was very suitable for the South African market.

South African reporters experience Tiggo4 Pro

According to Derek Watts, a well-known editor of Premiere Magazine, a journal of South Africa, Chery's introduction of Tiggo4 Pro to the South African market is a very wise choice. The market segment where Tiggo 4 Pro is located is not only growing rapidly, but also showing its competitive advantages. In addition, many well-known vehicle critics in South Africa, including David Taylor and Marice Daniels, agreed on the overall upgrading of Chery's models and were surprise at the performance of the power system, intelligent voice, appearance, and interior of the model.

South African reporters experience Tiggo4 Pro

South Africa, the second largest economy in Africa, has a huge development potential in the automobile market. Chery will take root in the South African market and continue to bring more and better products to South Africa. The launch of Tiggo4 Pro in South Africa also marks Chery's launch of its global strategic layout of the RHD market. In the future, Chery will enter more RHD markets, bring new Pro family models to local consumers, and provide them with a new driving experience beyond expectations.