Chery Wins the Sixth Straight Championship of "Quality Olympics"

Recently, the 47th International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) was held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Lingpao QC Team and QCC the Group of Intelligenced Connectivity of Chery won the Gold Award, and the Crucial Pioneer QC Team obtained the Prime Gold Award with the first place in the branch venue, which marked the sixth time that Chery has been selected into the honor list of global quality management, and achieved a new breakthrough in the history of the company's international quality management competition.

Award certificates of 3 teams of the 47th ICQCC

Themed by "Build Back Better through Quality Efforts", this Convention convened nearly 800 QC teams from 13 countries and regions around the world to participate in the publication and exchange of development results online and offline, achieving a record high number again of their participation. With regards to Chery, a total of 3 teams participated in the competition on behalf of Chery Group.

The 47th ICQCC-Main Venue in China

Since the first International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) in 1976, 47 sessions have been successfully held, known as the "Quality Olympics".

In response to the needs of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, all participating member states joined in the Convention via "Cloud Meeting". A total of 189 teams of the Chinese delegation took part in the Convention, including representatives of QC teams from CASC, State Grid, Chery Automobile, Xiaomi Corporation, Gree and other excellent enterprises.

Group photo of Chery Group representatives

The members of Lingpao QC Team from the Product Development Management Center and the Quality Management Center have long been engaged in tackling vehicle quality problems, and have won the industrial and national level publishing awards for many times. Specifically, the team members constantly made quality and technical innovation, and finally solved this problem after comparing solutions for many times. In addition, it is also widely applied in other new models of the company, which also provides reference and solutions for similar problems in the automobile industry.

QCC the Group of Intelligenced Connectivity is the "embodiment" of advanced technology of Chery Automobile. Since the establishment of the group, it has witnessed the completion of numerous research and application of networking products successively, which has won two national awards and two provincial awards, thus enhancing the matching quality level of vehicle electrical appliances. Furthermore, the achievement published by the Group of Intelligenced Connectivity this time is to improve the success rate of tire pressure activation of the whole vehicle. Upon field investigation and research, the success rate of tire pressure activation of the final assembly line 32 has been significantly increased, which has effectively improved the quality control level. Finally, two schemes, namely, the Vehicle Tire Pressure Activation Scheme and the Electrical Inspection Integration Scheme, have been prepared and promoted.

Focusing on the quality breakthrough in the new vehicle product development stage, the Crucial Pioneer QC Team, won the first prize of the National Machinery Industry Excellent Quality Management Group in 2021. During this Convention, this team successfully reduced the unqualified rate of the whole vehicle exposed to the rain from 42% to 0.4% in the development stage of a certain model by improving the tooling structure, process parameters and architecture optimization. Moreover, this team systematically summarized the problems of new models exposed to rain during the development stage, accumulating valuable experience for the development of new models in the later stage. At the same time, the team also applied for a tooling patent and published a paper.

Building the brand image with the ensurance of quality first. While Chery Automobile being committed to the construction of quality culture for a long time, it also continues to carry out mass quality management activities, mobilize all staff to attach importance to quality and improve quality, thus forming a good quality management atmosphere, and constantly summing up experience and lessons on the process of practice. Adhering to the quality vision of "Ingenious Quality and Excellent Creation", all the staff of the company endeavor to comprehensively promote the quality improvement and boost the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Winning the championship of ICQCC for 6th consecutive years, it is not only an encouragement for Chery Automobile, but also an embodiment that Chery, as a representative of the independent brand, has been highly-recognized by the international market in terms of quality.